Over 20 years of Experience and Expertise

Traditional and western methodologies

With 20+ years of combined experience in patient care, clinical research, complementary therapies and as a health care sr. leader, Angie brings both professionalism and a wealth of expertise and understanding to her clients. Using energy medicine to balance the 9 energy systems (meridians, chakras, aura, etc.) and visualization and breath work to empower the client and promote self-care and positive behavior change, Angie uses proven complementary practices and her passion for helping to The Centre. 

Angie holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science, graduating with honors and as a member of Sigma Theta Tau from the University of Minnesota. Additionally, she completed professional Cancer Guides training through the Center of Mind Body Medicine, attained a Graduate Minor in Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices from the Center for Spirituality & Healing and most recently, completed a 3-year energy medicine training program through InnerSource, earning certification as an energy medicine clinical practitioner.

Recovery from a significant health event using holistic health practices motivated Angie to redefine her journey toward wellness. 

Through regular application of these practices, she has become keenly aware of the importance of balancing mind, body and spirit, for both health maintenance and dis-ease recovery. Angie’s mission is to help individuals discover their innate healing ability, embrace positive behavior change and live with vibrant health!

Angie’s interest in holistic health also enriches the lives of her husband, spirited children and beloved cat. As a Minnesota native, she has a strong love for nature and the ever-changing seasons. On weekends, she can be found hiking through the woods, biking around the lakes or in her kitchen, creating new recipes using local, farm-to-table and wild crafted ingredients.


“An energy medicine session with Angie is amazing! She has such caring and compassionate energy. During my pregnancy and birth she helped me to keep good energy for me and my baby. I think that’s why he came out so happy and still is!”
— Emily J., Registered Nurse + New Mom


Conditions navigated

In addition to her individual return to wellness, witnessing the transformational changes within clients has underscored her belief that with the right guidance, we each have infinite possibility.

Angie has helped many clients navigate a variety of health challenges, ranging from wellness maintenance to acute orthopedic trauma, concussion recovery, surgical and birth preparation, post-op recovery, medication symptom management and end-of-life care.


hellO wellness

When it comes to health and wellness, Angie first and foremost identifies as a nurse. Florence Nightingale remains the most influential nurse scholar in her training and career. In the face of tremendous resistance, Florence was the foremost advocate for both disease prevention and health maintenance and is considered the founder of holistic nursing. Florence also believed that everyone should receive proper care, not just the sick, but also the healthy.

Florence often promoted the idea that an individual should be put “in the best condition for nature to act”, which is precisely the goal of energy medicine: To restore balance and harmony in the energy system; thereby, placing the client in the best position to maintain wellness.

It’s a boy!

While in nursing school, Angie was gifted an advanced internship in neo-natal care. It was a profound experience and new-grad positions were scarce so Angie took her passion for optimal prenatal/postpartum care and applied it to her own pregnancies.

Angie’s first pregnancy became high-risk at 20 weeks, with a full placenta previa diagnosis. A rare disorder and certainly frightening! Angie was determined to have a good outcome, for both herself and her unborn child. Based on learnings gained in graduate school, Angie integrated energy medicine into her prenatal care, with excellent results: Zero mid-pregnancy bleeds and the delivery of a healthy baby boy.

Most recently, Angie has had the privilege of energetically supporting multiple clients through successful conception, pregnancy and birth.

competitive advantage

Energy medicine's fundamental techniques organize, strengthen and regulate a person's energy foundation. Energy medicine is non-invasive, cannot cause harm and empowers individuals to participate in health maintenance.

Aside from addressing physical/ emotional dis-ease, energy medicine can also promote peak performance. From the NFL to the Olympics to Triathlons, athletes are turning to energy medicine for a competitive advantage.


Surgical Readiness

“Major surgery is like running a marathon—and both require training.”

Surgical readiness, or prehab, has become a hot topic in 21st century healthcare! And for good reason - “patients who experience postoperative complications within 30 days of surgery have a reduced long-term survival rate.”

Fortunately, there is mounting evidence that surgical outcomes can be impacted prior to surgery and clinical experience has demonstrated the value of arriving for surgery with energies ‘firing on all nine cylinders’!

Enhanced recovery

During her tenure at Allina Health, Angie lead implementation of Surgical Enhanced Recovery. This protocol has proven beneficial in Europe and highly-ranked US hospitals, including Johns Hopkins who provided consultation.

Most recognize the value of an expert care team. In addition, a significant takeaway is that YOU, the patient, have the power to influence your outcomes - from length of stay to pain management to risk of surgical site infection. How? By first selecting an organization who has implemented state-of-the-art, evidence-based practices. Second, by supplementing your care with holistic therapies like energy balancing.

When Angie was first introduced to energy healing (1999), she only dreamed it would be accepted in healthcare. Fast forward 20 years and IT IS HAPPENING! When you advocate for the best, you will truly tap into enhanced recovery!

The Next Journey

Providing comfort care is not new to Angie. In her first year as a nurse, with her first hospice patient, Angie’s first patient passed. Although the patient was kept comfortable, the pain meds prevented the patient from having meaningful interactions with family and friends in the day's preceding her death.

In 2018, Angie experienced another first. After working with a dear friend and client in her first year of her energy medicine practice, she supported her passing. There are striking differences between these two events; most importantly, the level of not only physical, but also emotional and spiritual comfort energy medicine/ therapeutic touch can bring to clients and families, which is becoming increasingly accepted in both palliative and hospice care.

“Angie has turned me into a believer by demonstrating the profound impact of energy medicine. She has her own unique presence (calming, trustworthy, collaborative) that creates an inviting experience. I also appreciate her ability to integrate a multidisciplinary approach to wellness. I’m so glad I found these easy, sustainable techniques to help with the daily stress of life…thank you, Angie!”
— Caitlin K., Working Professional + Graduate Student + Wellness Seeker

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