Restoring Your Energy & Balance

Your body wants to be healthy, your mind wants to be happy, your spirit wants to thrive.


Angie Meillier specializes in energy medicine and holistic wellness. She is a nurse with 20 years combined experience in nursing, healthcare leadership and complementary therapies. Working with oncology patients, prenatal care and trauma/sports injury, she has seen how energy work can do great things.

When the body’s energies are balanced and aligned, your natural state of well-being becomes far more accessible.

Interpreting your body’s quirky messaging system requires both practice and patience – like learning a new language or how to play the piano. Fortunately, your body was designed with a remarkable energetic blueprint, which allows you to tap into your inner wisdom to decrease or eliminate dis-ease, promote balance and prevent illness.

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“My x-ray came back looking great and I’m cleared to race next weekend! If you don’t know what energy medicine is, check it out! Big thanks to Angie for the energy/balancing session earlier this week. My moderately dislocated rib, somehow went back into place. That wasn’t supposed to happen. My doctor was amazed! Get balanced....your mind, body and soul will thank you!”
— Tim P., Triathlete

Vibrant Health Through Healing Energy

When you experience physical or emotional symptoms – pain, tension, stress, unchecked emotions – your body is trying to alert you of a deeper imbalance. Angie can help you decipher your body’s message and show you how to work with the electrical, electromagnetic and more subtle energies to support health and overcome illness.


Energy medicine

“Energy” is understood as the life force that feeds each organ and body system (respiratory, immune, cardiovascular, etc.), and its proper flow and balance is critical for optimal wellness. Eden Energy Medicine is a unique type of energy medicine, which blends nine systems of energetic healing into one highly effective modality.

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Guided Imagery

Guided imagery uses the power of imagination to repattern thoughts and mental images. During guided imagery, clients’ thoughts are gently “guided” toward a desired goal. Guided imagery is widely used within nursing and has been shown to help relieve stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and more.

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Acupressure is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Like acupuncture, acupressure works directly with the bioelectrical impulses of the 14 meridians, but uses fingers instead of needles! By stimulating specific points, research has demonstrated improvement of pain, digestive disorders, orthopedic injuries and other conditions.

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“Angie worked with me throughout my pregnancy, during which I was at high risk for early labor. She was compassionate, responsive and skilled in her care, and I felt my baby and I were truly in good hands. Angie creates a safe space to be vulnerable and heal the physical body, as well as deeply held traumas. After years of miscarriages, I have a healthy, happy baby girl! I highly recommend Angie for your prenatal care.”
— Courtney Z., Working Professional + New Mom

From the Blog

One of the many benefits of energy medicine is that you can practice it on yourself! Here you will find thoughts, tips and tricks about energy medicine and other holistic practices that can be readily integrated into your daily routine to achieve greater balance and vitality.



Upcoming Events

Angie offers classes, workshops and videos with the goal of supporting clients to calm the pervasively overactive flight and flight response, improve focus and mental clarity, strengthen the immune system, balance hormones and walk through life with more ease by engaging the powerful healing capacity of the subtle energies. 


Custom classes & workshops

Angie can also design a class or workshop to meet the specific needs of small groups and gatherings. Contact her for more information.


“If I would have realized how amazing these classes were going to be, I would have signed up for the full series!
— Class Participant